Photographer & Writer

Kathleen M. McDevitt

Kathleen Willson McDevitt--Kathleen was born in 1946 and raised on a small farm in Havertown, Pa. She is a 1999 graduate of Immaculata University, Malvern, PA.

There is a cup with crazy for you. A writer, a photographer, and a storyteller.
A daughter, a sister, a Mom, and Grandmother! It’s all about the journey of life!


Color is my love through the lens of a camera! I started out with black and white film, a huge Graphic newspaper camera owned by the school, and developing prints as a school photographer for my high school, Archbishop Prendergast. After graduation, my first camera was a point and shot with color film. Eventually, I made it up to a Canon with an interchangeable lens, 55 mm and 300 mm. First is filmed and with the million, I switched to digital. What a convenience! What a change! My subjects are lighthouses, clocks, flowers, horses, beaches, the sea, and boardwalks. And don’t forget the people, family, friends, and strangers too. With a family history of Photography, I find I love it till this day, I take a picture of something almost every day, everywhere!


When I was a teenager, I found myself defending many articles about the teenagers of the day. I was always defending them after negative stories were printed in the Bulletin, the Saturday Evening Post, or Life magazine. I would write passionately and no one would ever see my thoughts. It was a great release at the critical age of 13 to 17. Over the many years of my life, I have taken writing courses. Mostly freelance, creative writing, and memoirs classes. Looking back, I have been published many times, in local newspapers, work publications, and community news. It was usually promoting something coming or something passed. Articles were always short and with humor and information. And now I have written a book. This is quite a jump for me. It’s like I came out of the writing closet!
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